October 21, 2008

a documentary film on khan abdul ghafar khan

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I would like to watch this movie.


October 16, 2008

Living Natural Life

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October 13, 2008

Punjabi Kavi Darbar – 11/01/08 – Plymouth MI

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for more info click here.

October 9, 2008

Power of Thoughts

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Here’s the booklet written by Khoji (Bauji) in English

God’s Will and Free Choice

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We exist within G-d similar to the existence of an idea within the
mind of its thinker. The difference, however, is that an idea has no
free choice. We, however, have free choice but mysteriously any choice
we make still remains within the context of G-d and the confines of
G-d’s will. Therefore, we are free and yet, ironically, G- d is still
absolutely in control. We are free to disobey and do other than G-d’s
will, but we are not able to oppose G-d’s will or undermine His plan.
This, of course, is a paradox that cannot be comprehended by our
rational minds.

What difference, then, do our choices make?

Our real choice is whether to become a conscious partner to G-d in the
making of history or an unconscious tool for G-d. We can choose to do
G-d’s will and contribute to His plan in an active and conscious way,
and thereby, experience the ecstasy of the unchangeable truth that G-d
is one and we are one with G-d. Or, we can choose to oppose G-d’s will
and ironically, through our own choices, fulfill G-d’s plan without
even knowing it. When we do this, however, we deny ourselves the
joyous knowledge of our inseparable connection to G-d and instead
painfully suffer feelings of alienation and separation from G-d.

We only choose to disobey G-d’s will when we mistakenly think that we
exist separate and independent from G-d. When we do that, we support
and nurture these illusions about ourselves. In essence our
wrongdoings are actually our own punishment. They make us feel
disconnected, alienated and isolated from G-d, who is actually the
ground, context and essence of our very existence.

In other words, our choices create our own heaven or hell.

Rabbi David Aaron

October 8, 2008

stray dogs

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I would like to watch this movie.

here’s a review.