January 13, 2009

an authentic painting of Guru Nanak Ji

Posted in Sikhism, spiritual, travel at 9:55 pm by matapn


An authentic painting of Guru Nanak Ji when he visited Baghdad.



  1. Guru Nanak Devji’s year of birth is 1469.His stay in Baghdad is1511..That makes Him44years old.But the painting above shows a much older person indicated by the colour of the beard. Please explain.

    Thank you. H.S.Sohal DL

    • hardeep singh said,

      you cant judge this picture because its black and white ,, and guru ji was living reall life in really typical world he didnt have all the good sources like we do now .,. so its just a prarnaa of person whom saw him ,, we are no one to judge.. i beleave no one saw guru ji whom ever did bad or good is gone with them baki all we can do is respect the image and pray ki ek din asi ve ohnaa da darshan kar saki aa …. im not saying your wrong par sada guru a ta asi he edan da Question kara gaa taa dujea lae hor ve sokhaa ho jandaa ,,, ki rakhea how old he was its all just about respect .

  2. Mandeep kaur said,

    It is beleived that before going to the Udasis, Guru Nanak Dev ji went into a river near Sultanpur and was not seen for two days. When he came out after two days, his beard was white. I’ve heard this from many people that Guru Nanak Dev ji got a white beard at an early age.
    And I’m sorry to say this but, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking questions. Infact it makes you more stronger, and you are able to answer other people’s questions about our religion.

    Of course we need all respect our religion, but I myself often have questions to why this was done, and you know what, there’s always an answer to my question. So in our religion, things weren’t done just because, there was always a reason behing them.

  3. Ranjit singh said,

    i am thankful to you from my heart.you put this picture on the net so we have chance to see this.i saw some old pictures of baba nand singh nanak sir wale.any one have a picture of baba karm singh ji hoti mardan wale or baba ji harnam singh ji buchu kalan wale please let me know i want to do there darsan.thank you.parmatma tudi umar lambi kare .sat shri akal.

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