April 23, 2009

a font friendly to environment

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April 22, 2009

a trip to Germany

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April 9, 2009

Devotional Humility

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News of the Sacred enthronement of Sri Guru Arjan Sahib spread alround
and the devotees eager to have a direct glimpse of Nanak the Fifth set
out for Amritsar from distant places. In this spiritual quest sangat
from Kabul was also on its way to Amritsar. On the last day of their
journey they were determined to reach the holy presence of the New
Guru but could not make it and had to camp few miles away from Sri
Harimandir Sahib. Sangat included the old, the young and the children.
Tired and hungry, they now yearned for a blessed vision of the Holy
Guru next morning.

Sri Guru Arjan Sahib asked Mata Ganga, His holy wife, to prepare
plenty of food with her own hands. Guru Arjan alongwith Mata Ganga
then carried the food and water on their heads barefooted to the camp
site. They served the food and water to the tired and hungry sangat.
One old man, very much tired, was pressing his own legs. Sri Guru
Arjan Sahib with folded hands begged for this service and started
pressing the legs of the old man. The whole night the Guru and His
wife served the sangat and fanned them with a hand-fan. (Gurdwara
Pipli Sahib stands as a Sacred Memorial on this holy spot).

Early in the morning the sangat set out for Sri Harimandir Sahib. On
arrival they took off their shoes outside. Jathedar (Incharge) of the
sangat requested someone to guard and look after all the belongings
and shoes there. But everyone was thirsting for a blessed glimpse of
the New Guru. Sri Guru Arjan Sahib again with folded hands volunteered
for this service. When seated inside, the visiting sangat did not find
the Holy Guru on His seat. Jathedar enquired from Baba Budha Ji who
told them that the Guru and His wife had gone to serve the incoming
sangat from Kabul last night and that they had not yet returned.
Jathedar told Baba Budha Ji that a very simple and humble young couple
had come last night with food and water and had been in service of the
sangat the whole night. When told that he was left outside to guard
the belongings and the shoes, Baba Budha Ji alongwith the sangat
proceeded to the said spot.

On arrival they find the Humility Incarnate Guru ecstatically absorbed
in cleaning the shoes of the holy sangat. Baba Budha Ji started crying
and so did the sangat. “O our Lord Satguru Sache Patshah, what are you
doing”, cried Baba Budha Ji.

Awakened from his total immersion in humble service, Sri Guru Arjan
Sahib looked up and just said, “O revered Baba Budha Ji, please do not
stop me from doing this blessed service of the shoes of the loving
children of my Beloved Guru Nanak”.

Sangat had the blessed darshans of their New Guru. They directly
beheld and perceived their own Lord cleaning their shoes in devotion.
Tears flowed in unending streams from their eyes melting away any
traces of lurking ego, in this Vision Supreme. They had learnt the
highest lesson of spirituality, i.e. Humility in Devotion and Devotion
in Humility.

Aghast with wonder, love and reverence, the holy Sangat fell flat at
the holy feet of the Satguru, the true Prophet of Devotional Humilty
and Love. Later when the All Merciful Guru Composed the Sacred
Scripture of a Universal Religion of Love enshrining all the Celestial
Harmonies and totally steeped in Devotional Humility and still later
when the Great Guru out of infinite love for mankind, paid the
heaviest price for the same and burnt Himself on the burning hot plate
under the cruel showers of burning sand that the World realized the
uniqueness of the Incarnation of Guru Arjan.

The world owes an incalculable debt to the Greatest Redeemer of all
times, Guru Arjan.

Love is met by Love. Love begets love. If the devoted Sangat is
yearning to behold the Satguru, the Satguru is equally yearning to
welcome and receive the Sangat. If the devoted Sangat is yearning to
serve the Guru, the Guru runs to serve them. Divine Love is
Reciprocal. If the hearts of devoted sikhs are fully occupied by the
love of the Satguru, the Holy Heart of the Satguru is fully occupied
by the love of His devotees.

This holy incident is a climax of Reciprocal Love between a sikh and
his Satguru.

This is how the Greatest Incarnation of Humility and Devotion moulds
His beloved sikhs in His own mould and image. Satguru holds the sikhs
dearer to Himself than His own Soul and thus converts them into
Divinities, all in Divine Silence. The Grace of the Great Guru had
devoured the ‘Ego’ of His beloved sikhs and they all tasted the Bliss
of Eternity in the Holy Presence of their Divine Satguru.

Sikhs were anxiously waiting for the blessed moment when they could
touch the Holy feet of their beloved Satguru and clean His Holy Shoes.
Satguru was much more keen to serve them.

Such is the holy relationship of a sikh with his Guru.

Guru Arjan teaches the secret of holy service (sewa Di Jugti) in this
rarest of the rare example of humility.

Hearts had totally melted. Rapturous with Anand and true Bliss, the
blessed Sangat had already taken a holy dip in the Eternal Glory of
Guru Nanak in His unbounded Love and Humility. It was a most blessed
dip in true Nimrata, Garibi, Humility.

He moulded them in Devotional Humility uniquely characteristic of
their highest ideal Guru Nanak. Devotional Humility is a divine virtue
which is purer than purity itself.

And the wonderstruck and blessed Sangat beholds the Supreme Glory of
God in the Glorious Garb of Humility-Guru Nanak the Fifth.

Satguru never foresakes His beloved sikhs. Satguru loves his disciples
with deep and abiding love and uplifts them spiritually in mysterious,
wonderful and amazing ways

Gur Meray Pran Satgur Meri Ras

Sri Guru Granth Sahib (239-40)

For a sikh, the Guru is the soul of his own soul.

Nanak Satgur Sikh Ko Jea Naal Samarey

Sri Guru Granth Sahib (286)

Satguru loves and holds his sikh dearer to himself than his own soul.

Guru Te Sikh Da Rishta Sab Ton Paak
Rishta Hai, Es Dey Vich Maya Nahin Ani
Chahidi, Es Rishtey De Agey Rab Vi Apna Sir Jhukanda Hai

The whole life of Sri Guru Arjan Sahib is replete with soul-stirring
and awe-inspiring incidents of profound spirit of humility.

Lustre of this great divine virtue ‘Humility’ is deeply rooted in
every Great Religion, few illustrations would suffice :

Lord Rama sent his beloved brother Laxmana to dying Ravana for any
parting advice. Laxmana accordingly went and stood near the head of
the wounded Ravana and conveyed the purpose of his coming there.
Ravana opened his eyes, heard Laxmana and closed his eyes again,
without uttering any words. Meanwhile, Lord Rama came, stood near the
feet of Ravana and addressed him as such :

O Most Learned Ravana
O Mighty Warrior Ravana
O Mahan Tapasavi Ravana

I had sent my brother Laxmana to your kind presence for your parting
advice to him.

Ravana opened his eyes and having had a holy glimpse of the blessed
Lord, meekly uttered the parting words as follows :

“O Merciful Lord, you are standing in such humility towards my
feet-least concerned with all my shortcomings and imperfections and
where is Laxmana standing? Having learnt the greatest lesson of his
life, the value of humility, he further added “what could be more
valuable advice than this” and breathed his last.
Lord Krishna at the Rajasua Ceremony of Great Udhistra voluntarily
took upon himself humble service of washing the feet of worthy guests,
serving them food and cleaning their utensils.

Lord Budha and Lord Mahavira having abandoned their kingdoms remained
totally indifferent to all the indignities forced on them as wandering
monks. At some places, village lads even threw mud and filth on them.
They bore all such indignities in a wonderful spirit of humility.

At the ‘LAST SUPPER’, Lord Christ washed the feet of all his twelve
disciples, as a servant does to his master. He then asked them to do
likewise to each other. “Love and serve each other as I have loved and
served you all”, he then said.

The Great Prophet Mohammed is known for bearing with fortitude and in
great humility all the indignities heaped on him by the inhabitants of
Mecca which he had to later leave for Madina without pointing a finger
of blame on anyone. Once he was returning home alone with a companion
after performing his prayers ‘Namaz’. On the way, his companion
pointed towards an evil minded person standing at a distance and
passed remarks about his evil deeds as compared to the holy life of
the Prophet and himself. Prophet Mohammed felt so much upset that he
returned to offer his prayers ‘Namaz’ again. This was the state of
egolessness and deep humility of the Great Prophet.