November 10, 2010

raising vegetarian kids

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read this article



May 18, 2010

spicy brain

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New scientific research shows these five spices are good for your brain


February 3, 2010

Is Your Food Missing Vitamin L?

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Excerpt from Weekly Sparks by Rabbi David Aaron

When we eat an apple, we can just eat an apple, or we can, by saying the blessings consciously, make the apple into a conductor-wire for channeling G-d’s presence, love, vitality, goodness, and blessing. An apple can be a nutritious snack, or it can plug me into the Source of all life force and nutrition.

The Kabbalah teaches that if we eat without reciting a blessing, then the food feeds just our body. It does nothing for our soul. But when we make a blessing on the food, we transform that food. It’s not the same bread. It’s not the same apple. It’s not the same pretzel. This pretzel is now a vehicle for the life giving force of G-d to enter the world.

What’s the difference between a home-cooked meal and a frozen dinner? It’s the love and care that you can actually taste in the food. Even if it says on the package “Mom’s Home-made Frozen Dinner,” you can taste in the food that “Mom” is just a company that wants to make money. But the real mom makes you dinner for free because she loves you and cares. And you can taste the difference.

In order to taste the divine love and care in all food, we need to arouse the taste buds of our soul and acknowledge G-d as the loving source of all by making a blessing before we eat.

May 14, 2009

numbers on little fruit stickers

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Did you know those numbers on the little stickers on your fruit or vegetable can actually tell you something about how that food was grown? A 4 digit number on the sticker means the food was conventionally grown. A 5 digit number beginning with 9 means it is organic. A 5 digit number beginning with 8 means it is genetically modified.

October 16, 2008

Living Natural Life

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June 25, 2008

weight control information network

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check out this website

April 14, 2008

body and mind site for children

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check the website from CDC for kids ages 9 to 13 about health

August 1, 2007

the only persian restaurant in michigan

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Pars Restaurant in Farmington Hills on Orchard Lake Rd just north of 13 Mile Rd is the only Persian restaurant in Michigan.

I went for the dinner couple of weeks ago and enjoyed the great food.  Ash-e-reshteh (Soup # 15) reminded me of the Afghani Aash. Vegetarian Fesenjon (#35) was great; something totally different. Ghormeh Sabzi (#36) was delicious too.

May 18, 2007

pesticides in food

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Foods with Highest and Lowest Pesticide Residue