March 3, 2011

historic footage of Bamiyan Buddhas

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Check out the trailer for a movie on Giant Buddhas


November 7, 2009

Ramchand Pakistani

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Based on a true story about an 8 year old Pakistani Hindu boy and his father who accidentally cross the border into India.

The full movie is available on YouTube.

July 13, 2009

ocean of pearls

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Theatrical Release of  “Ocean of Pearls” a film by Sarab Singh Neelam, a resident of Michigan, is scheduled for August 7th 2009 in Michigan. Check out the schedule for show-times.


Amrit Singh is a doctor in North America, a turban wearing Sikh, he has lived his life in Canada, out of sortsand out of place, cast adrift between the East and West. . He is born in a family that holds on to their religious beliefs and is bred in the ethos of professionalism, but Amrit Singh is of two worlds and he belongs to neither. When he sees his dream of becoming Chief of Surgery at a state-of-the-art transplant center in Detroit dwindle because of his appearance, Amrit goes against his life long tradition and cuts his hair.  Hiding his decision from his girlfriend and family in Toronto is only the start of a series of compromises Amrit finds himself making as he deals with hospital politics and injustices of the American health care system. He struggles to be the man he believes he is and at the same time the person, he wants to be. When faced with a choice of what is right by his conscience he chooses dangerously but only then can he live with what he sees in the mirror. Straddling the conflicting positions of tradition and opportunity, Amrit understands more deeply, what it is to be successful and chooses to be the person that makes him happy.

October 21, 2008

a documentary film on khan abdul ghafar khan

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I would like to watch this movie.

October 8, 2008

stray dogs

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I would like to watch this movie.

here’s a review.

October 10, 2007

View From a Grain of Sand

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View From a Grain of Sand is a journey through the last 30 years of Afghanistan’s history as lived by three Afghan women. Shot over the last three years in Pakistan and Afghanistan, a doctor, teacher and social activist tell how their lives were violently affected by wars of international making and three different regimes in Afghanistan. Yet through all their loss, and the destruction of their homes and country, these women have endured. With courage, conviction and hope they continue to work on improving the lives of the people around them, against all odds, in this brutalized and divided nation.

film’s official website

a trailer

October 8, 2007

What We Saw Upon Awakening

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First New York exhibition by Afghan artist Lida Abdul at Location One.

October 5, 2007

the kite runner – movie

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movie is being released on December 14th 2007.

February 20, 2007


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A new release from India on Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujurat India – 2002.

February 8, 2007

Ardh Satya

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A film about anger, corruption, abusive husband and police torture. Superb acting by Om Puri who is the main character of the movie. Smita has a small role. Nasirudin Shah has a guest appearance.

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