January 24, 2010

nowroz baa farhad darya va yaaraan

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May 9, 2008

Ghazal Ki Ek Shaam- Mirza Ghalib ke Naam

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The AMU Alumni Association of Michigan
Proudly Presents
“Ghazal Ki Ek Shaam- Mirza Ghalib ke Naam”
On Sunday, June 1st, 2008
Time: 4.00 PM Sharp*
Kresge Auditorium-Madonna University
36600 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, Michigan 48150

Donation: $20 per person (Sponsors $250 plus) All Donations tax Deductible : AMUAAMI Tax ID : 38-3631025
All proceeds support scholarship fund for deserving students at AMU irrespective of age, sex, race or religion

Program at a glance : This will be a wonderful evening of Ghazals and Light Music. Our main artist is Sanjay Lall from Toronto and his ensemble. Sanjay (voice of Jagjit) will thrill you with his favorite selection of Ghazals along with a couple of favorites from Jagjit’s eternal collection, « Mirza Ghalib ».
Act I : 4 to 4 30 PM, Introduction and Performance by Local Artists
Act II: 4 30 to 6 00 PM : Sanjay Lall and Ensemble
(6 00 to 6 30 PM, Intermission (light Snacks will be served)
Act III : 6 30 PM Dedication of the Evening to Mirza Ghalib and a word on our Scholarship program
Act IV : 7 to 9 PM More Ghazal and Music + Audience Request
9 PM : Adjourn and Vote of Thanks

For information and Tickets please call:
Jamil Ahmad (734) 578-5460, Masroor Ali 248-885 0767
Tanweer Mallick (734) 260-8806, Ranvir Singh (734) 663 0084
Habib Zuberi (734) 414-0059

February 23, 2008

Snatam Kaur in Plymouth MI

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details of the visit

more on Snatam Kaur

February 8, 2008

Qawwali Concert in Ann Arbor – April 2008

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Mehr and Sher Ali are performing for University Musical Society on April 18th 2008.

Check out the details.

February 8, 2007

Farhad Darya in Montreal 2002

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Farhad Darya

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On 29th of June 2002, Farhad Darya gave a concert to Afghan community in Montreal, Canada. The concert was held in Pladium just outside of Montreal city. Due to a planned vacation, we missed his concert in Toronto in May 2002. So we planned our next vacation around Montreal and Ottawa in end of June so we can also attend his concert.

Previously, we had gone to his concert in Toronto in summer of 1998. It was a memorable event. A great crowd showed up in a nice auditorium. He started out the concert by “khursheed-e-man kujai tu, sard is khana-e-man”. He sang many of his songs from the CD “Shakar” and many of his older songs such as “Farishta Jaan”, “Khalwat-e koo” and many others. Qureshi was accompanying him on Robab.

I first attended his first concert with “goroh-e-baran” in summer of 1985 in Lycee Istiqlal, Kabul, Afghanistan. I could not get any tickets since the auditorium was full; but I manage to get in with some connections I had with school administrators.

Back to Montreal. Farhad sung many of his songs from “Foreign Land” and “Gulum Gulum” CD. His best items were “ya maula dalam tang amada”, “Bacha na sho ai del” and his two ghazal towards the end after he declared that dance items were enough until 2004.

First few negative points about the concert: The venue was not very impressive, sound system was not quite clear and there were few technical problems. Concert started more than an hour late and there was more than an hour break. Alcohol was being served at the bar outside the concert hall. Police checked each car for drunk drivers at the end of the concert. The blame goes to the organizers and not our beloved artist. Farhad also didn’t have his own musicians with him for his concert.

His new experiment in this concert of variety of percussion instruments, he had a percussionist who played these different instruments. I suppose the same artist plays these instrument in his latest CD “Gul Aroos”. We are still waiting of this new CD.

I hope he decides to give a all ghazal concert in Toronto in future. He has a good talent in classical and semi-classical music. Per Farhad this is music of the soul.

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February 7, 2007

Qamar Gul – 2002

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Qamar Gul

On December 27th 2002, my brother and I were invited to the house of Parshot Chugh in Toronto to experience a musical gathering where Qamar Gul was singing. We got to his house in Eastern suburbs of Toronto around 11:00 PM. The program had already started. Dinner with many Afghan dishes was already served. There were about 15-25 people sitting in the living room and listening to the music.

Most of the audience were Dari-speaking Afghan, there were some Pashtu-speaking and few Afghan Hindus. All were men. This group gets together often and have musical gatherings, many of them sing and play music. One of them was father of well-known Afghan singer – Ahmad Wali.

A musician from the group was playing tabla, Qamar Gul’s son was playing harmonium and was accompanying her in signing. He is very good in playing harmonium and has great voice, perfect accent in Dari, Pashto and Urdu. He sang couple of Urdu ghazals while Qamar Jaan was on a break.

Qamar’s Pashto and Dari songs brought back many memories from Kabul. She has an accent in Dari but I still enjoyed many of her Dari songs including “Bia ke borem ba mazar” and “Shamali lala zar baasha”. Her voice is so unique and soul-touching. She was very humble.

The room was full of cigarette smoke, many were drinking tea and others were drinking liquor. Some danced on their favorite songs and some tried to sing with her.

We left around 2:30 while the music was still on…

February 6, 2007

Tumhari Amrita

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Tumhari Amrita

October 21th 2002.

Director: Feroz Khan
Players: Shabana Azmi, Farookh Sheikh

Few years ago I went to Feroz Khan’s other play “Mahatma Vs. Gandhi” in Michigan. Nasirudin Shah played Gandhi in that play. The play was about conflicts between Gandhi’s political life and his family life especially his relationship with his wife and son.

Tumhari Amrita does not use any visual and audio elements like regular plays. The stage has two tables and two chairs. The players are sitting on the chairs and reading letters from Amrita and Zulfi. There’s no other dialogue but reading letters. The play is about 1.5 hours with a 15 minute break in between. The letters between the Amrita and Zulfi paint the description of a relationship between these two people for more than 35 years. This concept has been tried by an American director with a different screen play.

This drama shows us how the audio and visual elements of a play are secondary; what is really needed is a good content, good acting and involved audience. The two actors do a great job. There are many funny elements in the first part; whereas the second part is much more tragic and brings tears to eyes.

It seems like Zulfi has two personalities, one for his daily life and one in his letters. Writing to and reading letters of Amrita is so much part of of his life.

The organizer, Mr. Mehta of Plymouth, Michigan asked the players to mingle with audience at the end of the play so audience get a chance to talk, get photographs and autographs from them.

Feroz Khan also said few introductory words in the beginning of the play.

It will be a good idea if they produce a CD of this play after the play is not being performed live.