July 14, 2006

mr. and mrs. iyer

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a great movie about hindu-muslim riots and conflict in India, and about steorotypes, love and much more.


yu hota to kya hota

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Naseerudin Shah’s first movie as a director. It’s about four unrelated stories that converge at the end of the movie. It was released in 2006.

The movie shows how there’s no ordinary moment in life, every little event could be a piece of a bigger puzzle.

July 3, 2006

the peacful warrior

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A spirtual movie from Hollywood. It’s only playing in selected theaters. It will be released in a small theater in Royal Oak, Michigan at the end of July.


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A spiritual movie with many messages.

It could be you

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I would like to watch this one due to its actors: Naseerudin Shah and Kirron Kher. The movie is in English and suppose to be released in 2006.