August 7, 2009

master’s abode

Posted in Shibendu, spiritual at 3:29 pm by matapn

Not the Brick and Mortar of Guru’s Abode,
But Silence that happens therein.

Not the Images in a Temple named Satyalok,
But the whole meditativeness of the Universe.

Not objects of worship; nor the worshiper,
But worship that happens without worshipership.

Not concepts, conjectures or conclusions;
But the cool stillness that is spontaneous.

Neither the experience of heat nor cold.
But Coldness itself, Heat itself.

Fire feels no Heat, nor ice feels cold;
Light sees no brightness, Darkness sees not the dark.

Freedom occurs when there is no experiencer;
Life blooms when there is no idea about life.

Only perception of a Touch that is revealed,
A benediction that happens; A blasting awareness that is innocence.

Oh beauty, Oh beauty, Oh beauty.

The Energy of Love. The Energy of Understanding.
Words used to communicate the incommunicable.

— a disciple of Shibendu (message # 71)