January 9, 2007

kabul express

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First feature film from Kabir Khan, a documentary film maker. Not a normal bollywood masala film. It has no song and dance and it’s only 90 minutes long. It’s a dark comedy with most of comedy coming from Arshad Warsi.

Couple of errors made by director:
Hazaras is just another ethnic group in Afghanistan, the movie wrongly portrays them as a tribe of theifs. I can’t understand how the director missed it. This has become the reason for movie to be banned in Kabul.

Another smaller error is showing the villagers near the Pakistani border speaking Dari (Farsi), most of villages near the border are inhabitated by Pashtun tribes.

Released in November 2006.


waris shah – ishq daa waris

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A punjabi movie about sufi saint poet, Waris Shah who wrote “Heer”. The movie shows how his real life love becomes the basis for his masterpiece.